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Why do I love  thee?
Is it because you make me laugh?
or is it because of that cute smile
I guess there is more to that!
Being with you is my dream
having your arms arround me is my cream
being beside you is my happiness
your love is my sweetness
Being far from you is my worst part
deep down I know we are always going to be together
together in our hearts!
My luv for you will never change
day by day love increases
I'm gonna love you till the end of time
you are my one and only!

By Chama 


It has been some years
since you have been in my hert
we have had our ups and downs
But our love has always shine

I can still remember our first valentine together
And I still believe what we have is very rare
After all these years I'm glad I can still call you dear
                                                            Happy Valentine
By Chama


I am not going to write roses are red
Coz' I have seen,yellow, white,and red
No matter what the color is, even red
No matter how beautiful, and ready
They can't express how much u a' in ma' mind
No matter what I will write on valentine card
Cannot explain why you are one of the kind
by su


Reasoning is the beginning of all intelligence
Reasoning is the foundation to all questions
Reasoning is the key, to the number of solutions
Reasoning in short, is reason beyond every question.

When I was a kid, I reasoned like a kid
Blowing why why, like a monsoon wind
Try to reason anything, not only human kind
Try even to figure out, how parents gets kid

As a little boy I had even more question
Wondering even what started, egg or chicken
Although school was fun, why only life key is education
When I got sick, why needle on my butt is a medication

As a teen, I trap myself into new problem angle
Twenty four seven, try to solve love triangle
Use my parents experience, to eliminate love mambo jambo
Never give damn about, chicks with boobs like mangos

The older I grew up
The love problem, grew sharp
With limited knowledge, I fell into trap
Forced I and I ,to fall into love swamp

What's happening, finally I came to my sense
No doubt, love did not make any sense
Was like one person language, or music-less dance
I prayed to the most high, for the grace

Thank you Lord, because you never say no
You always give me, even little bit more
I asked for peace and love, you opened the door
You give me all reasons, every morning to go
by Suby


When the heart is strong
But everything is wrong
And the road is very long
And you need someone strong
Try me 

When you feel Blue
No time, and things are due
No love, friends around you
Remember there are worse than you
Be you

By Suby

Thanks for let me into your life
Thanks for coming into my life
Thanks for changing my life
Thanks for let me serve you for life
Thanks for being my velentine for life

By Chama


Before, I felt love
But I knew, was not love
Coz' before, I was in love
But, now this is the love
This one, is very different love
Waaaaaaay more, than love
Very close, to heavenly love
Or because before, I was in love
Hanging between earth, and hell
Oh wait, I felt more in hell
I couldn't hear, even heaven bell
In short, that was a loving hell

Situation made me pray for happy life
Day after day and night, no happy life
Only my Mama, was a friend for life
I wondered, what is wrong with my life
Mama was not supposed to be, a part of my thug life
Mama ,you were a rel soldier for life
Fighting against time, for your kids beef
Even though we were not rich, I never felt cheap
Minute you went away, I tried to make difference in life
I needed a special help, from the most high and up
Mama I don't wanna cry, I know you are watching from up
Mother I real don't cry, because I got an Angle in my life

Exodus, Exodus, Movement of myself and I
I always give thanks, and prises to the most high
To take me across the sorrow and, sickened eye
From lost of Mama, to gain of everything and new I
Baby you are everything, ever wanted by I and I
Best of everything, everyone, I ever laid my eye
Thinking of you, make my body and soul high
Reminds me everything same between you and I
The fight left by homie Mama, still up and high
But now is much easier, coz' I got Angle from high
Even though I pass through the death valley, I won't die
You are my private guardian Angle, God's gift I'm glad
Even through I pass through valley of death I won't die
Now jamming down, happiness tears from my eye

Love, you are the only human being, watching my back
My dear, I was thinking who is watching your back
I know God is watching yours, afternoon and after dark
You are Glory in my life, a light in the dark
Babe, you are my Exodus pass and promise park
Your love give me shadow, when I'm in the desert
Your eyes, are like burning guarding flame at night
EXODUS, movement of God's love, from I to your heart EXODUS


How beautiful you are! My love
How perfect you are! My love

The look in your eyes, my sweetheart & bride
The necklace you are wearing, have stolen my heart

The test of honey is on your lips, my darling
Your tongue is milk & honey for me, darling

                                           King Solomon


I will hold you so tight
I will hold you all night
I will face ya' face sight 
I will do the breathing chat
I will sleep real tight
I will listen to ya' heart
I will feel your breath bit
I will tell you this and dat'
I will not let you out ma' site


 Open letter to the president

Dear Mr President........
What's happening?!

I thank ALMIGHT that you got elected.
Not because you are religious person.
No, I did not vote for you.
And no, you are not perfect.
But you are good Man .......Yap solid good Pipo.

How do I know that?
Well, you don't know me, but you and I, go back.
Way back... Back in days, more than 20 years ago.
When you moved into our neighborhood.
I was just a teen back then, Just lost my mother. A single mother.
And I was about to loose a house. By the way of greedy people,

You were heavenly sent.
You moved in just as I got 6 weeks notice to move out the house.
I was thinking to myself, where in the earth, me and my little brother
we are going to live. Worst how we gonna finish school.
And our income depended on the land around the house,
through gardening and few hundreds chickens.

You used little power you had back then to help us keep the house.
Not for money,
Not for power,
Not even for political reasons,
But because someone told you our situation, and you could help.
You did not know us. I don't even remember if I said thank you.
This is why I'm writing you this letter.

I wish I can reach you, but now that you are president is harder.
I hope one day this letter gonna find you.
This time I don't want to forget to say .....
Thank you President Magufuli.
What you did back then, shaped my life today and bright morrow.
Hope you will use what you have now to help more people.
GOD bless you more.
January 14, 16
  A TO Z
Ooooh God my Lord
A heaven happy road
The up highest God
The only paradise code
By u I will never fill cold
I'll never again sin fold
I'll sing prises like toad

U don't have to be told
As you know #'s of gold
Thanks 4 things u never sold
U ahead of me I never old
Listening to you never bored
Ur words are lovely & broad
I feel comfortable even abroad
kicking in with you aboard
Giving me free air and food
Tomorrow, now, from childhood
I only know you my God
Not other gods from wood
Not even other gods from gold
Not those gods from back yard
They make me feel shameful dead 

I promise to keep up my head
Eyes forward to the Exodus road
I promise to keep my Glory Babe
I love her, A to Zed.
by Suby