Love is Life  Life is Love

Life is Meaningless if there is no love. Love is the biggest of them all, and is the gift from the ALMIGHTY. You can't make, buy or sell love.

This one I dedicated to ma' girl, love of my life or I should say "my life" Gloria. for there is no words can explain how much I love her.
Also goes out to all good people out there, with big hearts, and unconditional love. There are GOD's children, because love is the product of heaven blessings.

This song (love is Life (Gloria)), was performed on our wedding day by: Colin, Kyle, Dj Dave, and Suby.
Thanks to everyone who was in the video, Pre-wedding (Khanga party), wedding, and after the wedding party (Nyama choma).

   Mwalimu (Teacher) Julius Kambarage Nyerere. To me he is the father of the nation, just because he united people of different tribes, and languages, to achieve peaceful independent. Or because he was the first prime minister
of Tanganyika, and the first president of United Republic of Tanzania (for you who don’t know, that is Tanganyika and Zanzibar). I don’t care what some people say about Nyerere and his
politics. Though he was not perfect, but he did his best.

Julius Nyerere was born on April 13, 1922. As a son of Zanaki chief (Nyerere Burito) he had a privilege of attending primary school at age of 12. And he used the opportunity to be the best. He received a scholarship to attend Makerere University in Uganda, then University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Nyerere is one of very few people that inspire me. He taught me to be independent, free, and to find peace, not only self peace, but also to my neighbor. Because you can’t have peace while your neighbor’s roof is on fire, soon your house will be on fire too. Don’t get me wrong, I never met the guy, I only saw him once or twice. But Kambarage gave me free education through government boarding schools, in other tribes’ land. In the process, now I can speak six languages, including three tribe languages.
Julius believed in God, (in fact he used to go to church almost everyday, and to the mosque in special occasions), He strongly preached that, all human are equal, and violence is not a solution to any problem. He spent most of his life time to unite people of Tanganyika, Tanzania, East Africa, and Africa. During cold war time, he maintained Tanzanian freedom, under his leadership Tanzania enjoyed friendly relations with both Western and Eastern bloc. He was not soft either, Ask what happened to Iddi Amini Dada of Uganda.

I am not a politician and I hate politics, I don’t know why, may be because they have to do anything to win an election, or because of the bribes. But I used to look forward for Nyerere “Mchonga” to speak. He never write or read a speech, I think he had nothing to hide, so he used to speak his mind. If he did not know something he will let you know, and find someone who knows on the spot, if not from his staff, he will ask the audience. Most of all I still like his sense of humor in his speeches, I think was funnier than most comedians.

The only thing I wish he could do better is in sports (because I like sports and music). He was not much of “sports man”, as the result Tanzania is very behind in world sports and popularity in general. 
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Swahili Homies

 To my Old and New Homies!


 Tabasam smile.

To my daughter Samarah on your 4th birthday,
and every B-day of everyone out there.

Give thanks and your problems to the MOST HIGH. Do your very best in everything you do, don't find yourself with nothing to do. There are million things you can do, in any given moment. But... don't be too greed, best things in life are free things like air we breath, true love, and life.

Smile is the shortest and cheapest way to show love to yourself and next person. Though sometimes is hard to smile, find a reason to smile and enjoy life.

 Love, Baba, Suby